A downloadable game for Windows

In Gravity, the player will auto-walk from left to right and by pressing Space the player can reverse gravity to avoid obstacles. Furthermore, the player can press Space again to amplify the force of gravity until the player touches the floor or the ceiling. With this "boost" the player can destroy boxes and traverse a layer which separates floor and ceiling.  The game only has one stage and was created for the GMTK game jam(14. to 16. of July) and these are reasons why I think it fits the Theme:

-You can press Space to reverse gravity, but if you are in air, you can press Space again to receive a "boost"
-You can use the "boost" to traverse the separating layer, destroy boxes or dodge obstacles. Moreover, after a "boost" you briefly slow down, giving you more time to think                                                                                                                                                                     -Boxes are used as obstacles (besides the death blocks), yet they can also be destroyed. Those who manage to destroy all boxes in the stage also get a little easter egg.

Install instructions

open the .rar and click on the   Gravity_GMTKGameJam2017 folder and run the executable inside


Gravity_GMTKGameJam2017.rar 18 MB