This game is only played with the spacebar key (little secret: you can also use 'A' on an xbox Controller).

If the browser version shouldn't work, there also is a Windows and Linux executable.

Game crated by Elias Kia and Jan Kadel

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
AuthorElias Kia

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract it, then launch the executable


Download 12 MB
Download 14 MB


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Impressive and unique game!

But I think there could be better game design. 

I got to 25! Great game!

it's a really amazing concept! there is a bit of a patern to it right now where you can just pump constantly while the light is green and hold it once it turns yellow, which will keep the balloon up and the pump full, so it gets repetitive fast. if you were planning to expand on this it would be neat to maybe add more games and switch them out, or add some random chance to it, like events that can score you points.


Does this use 1/3 of a button because there are three mini games. If so then its not only one. It's one third!

Intresting theory :D

only one third lol

Aaha... got 63 seconds. Great idea, cute game(s) - loved it